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Ryan and Amy are both attorneys in Stratford, Connecticut, phone number 203 800 7332

Ryan Miller Personal Injury Stratford ConnecticutWhen it comes to personal injury, you need a lawyer to represent you through the very extensive process of which personal injury cases do. The chances of receiving the damages you deserve from a claim is next to nothing if you are trying to bargain yourself through courtrooms. You need proper representation when going to court to collect damages, and IT SHOULD NOT COST YOU A SINGLE DOLLAR to hire an attorney for car accident cases, and similar damage claims. Your lawyer gets paid, when you get paid, and all amounts, and paperwork is signed and EXPLAINED in detail, BEFORE you commit. All of this is simple, and part of our practice concerning personal injury law. We do not get paid unless you get paid.


If you are looking for personal injury representation in Connecticut, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you do not have health insurance, you can still be treated for injuries caused by another person’s negligence at work, in a car accident, you name it. That’s why you should schedule a free consultation, right now. Both Ryan and Amy are compassionate, fun people who make the process, and the call to the lawyer as much fun cashing a check (which you might be doing sooner than later if you CALL! 😀 )


Ryan Miller is an incredible personal injury attorney, who helps people that have become the victim of accidents, where someone’s actions or lack of required precautions caused damages to another. Ryan covers all of Connecticut, but if you live in the Stratford area, it’s a no brainer on who to trust with YOUR settlement.

  • Car Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Work Injury
  • Medical Injury

Sue someone for costing medical bills

Ryan Miller ESQ, also can help you find information to help you get treated by referring you to the proper online, and offline channels to research your injury, and the specialists who provide care or them. If you get hurt, or someone is at fault for your injury, they may have to give you money.

Amy Miller

Amy Morilla Miller Lawyer Stratford ConnecticutAmy is a Stratford Lawyer, and Immigration specialist. If you’re being deported or you have fears of deportation, or need help with deportation laws, you can get an attorney to fight deportation in Connecticut, or to get your Work Visa renewed, and many other Immigration, Family Laws, and Laws in Connecticut, which are not limited to Deportation.

With Ryan and Amy Miller and Morilla LLC Stratford, Connecticut, you can’t go wrong.

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