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We specialize in Personal Injury cases. We do the court work, while you heal.


Examples of personal injury include, but are not limited to:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Equipment Failures
  • Medical Malpractice errors
  • Work Related Accidents

Car Accident Injury Attorney LawyerWhenever you are hurt by someone or some situation in a physical manner that requires you to visit a hospital, a Doctor, a Chiropractor, a therapist, or any other medical professional as a result of someone else’s negligence, such as hitting your car, not providing adequate safety at work, or a Doctor mistaking your procedure for the guy next to you, you can be entitled to damages.

Being out of work can cost you money. When you get smacked in a car accident, and you miss work, you can even be fired, because in some serious situations, getting hurt means needing treatment, and that’s time out of your life. Every minute, every hour that turns your day from a regular day to having to deal with doctors and treatment options, is a damage to your quality of life, and you should not have to go it alone, no help, and without the responsible party being held accountable.

Ryan Miller Personal Injury Lawyer StratfordALL OF OUR PERSONAL INJURY CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE! You can call us, or simply walk in and we may possibly be able to see you on the spot! Same day appointments are common, and we strive to get you answers to questions you may have immediately. When do I go to court? What do I say? How much am I going to be reimbursed? These are things that almost everyone who has a personal injury case ask, and you need those answers. We can provide them, as you move through treatment, we move through paperwork, filings, courts, and we don’t mess up, miss days, or make you do our job. We take care of YOU.

We don’t take money up front for a personal injury case, commonly referred to as working on a contingency. We earn our living helping people, and the first step in a personal injury case after a case is determined to be valid, is that you will sign a simple document stating that once the case is over, we then receive our compensation. If you don’t receive damages, we don’t make you pay us. We take each case individually, and treat every client with a unique plan, to move you forward, and help you put the incident behind you, as quickly as possible.

Our firm has won many, many, many cases. Six figure settlements, Personal Injury awards, and more. We have the background to back up our ability to help you. We will hold all responsible parties accountable, and this can mean less anguish for you.

Every client is different, and every case will be handled in the way that best suits you, there is no cut and paste for this work, it’s tailored to fit your needs, and cost you ZERO.

How it works

Ryan personally knows personal injury. He got into this because of his own car accident, that made him realize it may be a good idea to start advocating for the little guy.

We will help you recover damages from pain and suffering, time out of work, possible permanent damage that may prevent you from doing your job to the fullest, hospital, doctor, and ambulance bills, out of pocket expenses related to the injury, and even more.

Don’t wait. Waiting to hire a personal injury attorney can make things more difficult. You may not know something you’d learn just from the free consultation, and getting something that may be worth a lot, for free, is a situation most of us don’t want to pass up, so don’t wait to call us, if you’re hurt, we’re here.

To find out if you have a personal injury claim, contact Ryan Miller at Miller & Morilla Law LLC in Stratford, Connecticut.




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